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icon  Eintrag Nr. 3 von CAVRIL NEWTON  vom 27.10.2020 um 01:54 Uhr icon

Recovery expert referral.

HOW TO RECOVER LOST BTC I lost my bitcoin to fake impostors on Facebook, they contacted me as blockchain official support and I fell stupidly for their mischievous act, this made them gain access into my blockchain wallet account, whereby 7.0938 btc was stolen from my wallet in total. I was almost in a comma and dumbfounded because this was all my savings I banked up on, waiting for bitcoin rate to improve. Then my niece recommended me to an expert, I researched online and found the recovery expert, with the contact address- QUADHACKED @ GMAIL dot COM. I wrote directly to the specialist explaining my loss. Hence, he helped me recover my bitcoin just after 2 days he helped me launch the recovery program, and the culprits were identified as well, all thanks to his expertise. I hope I have been able to help someone as well.

icon  Eintrag Nr. 2 von Wolfgang Raker  vom 20.10.2020 um 21:12 Uhr icon

Ich habe mir vor der Corona Pandemie eine Übungspipe gekauft und bei den Royals in Osnabrück begonnen zu üben.
Dort saß ich nur herum und schien niemanden zu interessieren.
Ich möchte gerne Bagpipe lernen.
Alter 65

icon  Eintrag Nr. 1 von Matti  vom 17.06.2020 um 16:10 Uhr icon

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